WEIGHING THE COAL. The weight of coal used throughout an examination might conveniently be found by utilizing a normal wheelbarrow and a platform range, organized as in number 1. At each side of the scales build a slope with its leading level with the top of the platform. But make sure not to have either… Continue reading WEIGHING THE COAL.


ERIE CANAL. Screw Propellers from 1858 to 1862. During the maple sugar period of the springtime of 1858, a well-to-do farmer. Of western New York city, trimmed out a spiral or augur-like screw-propeller, in miniature, which he believed very well adapted to the canal. He soon after went to Buffalo, and also contracted for a… Continue reading ERIE CANAL.

malacca sf

Welcome to the malaccasf site. Malacca is an Asian restaurant located in San Francisco. We serve a variety of dishes from six Asian countries. If you want to eat Asian food, visit our restaurant!